How To Avoid STDs During Having A Bisexual Dating

7 Things You Need To Know Before Dating A Bisexual WomanGenerally, bisexual women are at low risk of getting infected with HIV or getting unplanned pregnancy. But sex between two women it’s not always safe and bisexual women are also vulnerable to sexually transmitted diseases (STD) like their counterpart having sex with men.

Thus, bisexual women need to know bisexual-health, risk as well as how to protect themselves to avoid getting infected by these diseases. Getting tips on how to be safe in their endeavors will help them stay safe and live a healthy life.

Here are some sexual safety tips for a bisexual dating.

  • 1. Read 7 things you need to know before dating a bisexual women and avoid some wrong things.
  • 2. Try to speak out about what you want from your partner. If you think you can’t do this, then you’re shying away from your demands and it means that your relationship is very raw for you to engage in sex with your bisexual partner. You should be free and open to say your demands to make sure you get what you desire in your relationship.
  • 3. Every time you are using sex toys, try your best to use condoms especially if these toys are specifically for genital areas. This will reduce the chances of getting infected with sexually transmitted diseases.
  • 4. Avoid sharing your sex toys if you have not changed the condoms or if you haven’t cleaned them yourselves. It’s healthy to use antiseptics or antibacterial for cleaning the toys. This will destroy all bacteria which may have been left of the toy surface.
  • 5. When engaging in oral sex with your bisexual partner, use dental protection or gloves to be safe from infections.
  • 6. Don’t keep the plastic items you’ve been using. Dispose of them without rubber then you dispose of rubber separately.
  • 7. When touching your partner’s vagina or anus, make sure you wash your hands, tongue as well as sex toys. This will reduce the risk of infecting her with STDs bacteria if you had any on your hands, tongue or on sex toys.
  • 8. If you are using lubricant during sex, use only water-based lubricant for the whole process to be effective. Oil-based lubricants are not suitable as they can render the rubber ineffective, thus exposing you to the risk of STD infections.
  • 9. When engaging in sex, it’s advisable to prohibit intake of drugs or alcohol. Taking alcohol or drugs during sex it’s very risky as you can go off thus giving your partner a chance to willingly infect you with STDs.
  • 10. After every six months, visit HIV AIDS camp for a checkup. This will help you get your HIV status so that you can engage in your endeavors safely. Also knowing your status is helpful as if you test positive you can be enrolled in medication program and counseled how to live positively.

These few tips will help you in your bisexual dating endeavors. Putting them in place when you’re engaging with your partner, will keep off HIV as well as other STDs from you. You’ll live healthy and happier life than ever before since you’ll take all precautions to keep you and your partner safe.

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