Plenty of bi curious singles are exploring their sexuality on bisexual websites

bi curious singles exploring sexulity on biseuxal websitesIt is almost confirmed that all women are naturally bi-curious in sexuality. This is according to a new survey. It’s amazing that this fact becomes clearer as the woman gets older. The study done by Boise University discovered that about 500 heterosexual women, which are around 60 per cent of the random selection, were affectionate to same sex, about 52 percent claimed to have strong fantasies and 46 percent had at least kissed another woman.Since a lot has been said to proof that women could be having better sex, a better orgasm, or a better relationship, plenty of bi curious singles are exploring their sexuality on bisexual websites.

Research Proof

According to Elizabeth Morgan, who is a psychology professor at Idaho university, revealed in her studies that heterosexuals feel more than the usual friendly affection for the same sex. She has focused her studies on opposite and same sex attractions. Other sources of research suggest an upwards of 20 percent women prefer the same sex. This can be strongly related to the way women are naturally affectionate towards one another while they chat, socialize, or on phone. They also spend hours during chick chats.

It’s often said that a woman’s friendship is barely distinguishable from her romantic relationships. Professor Morgan continues to say that women are more encouraged to become intimate to one another. This offers an opportunity for them romantic and intimate feeling to flourish.

More Survey

Another contribution to the study by Dr. Lisa Diamond, a psychologist with Utah University, shows that this sexuality grows over time. Diamond studied a number of women for a period of 15 years. Her findings, which include about 6 follow up interviews, she laid a questionnaire where each woman had to choose whether she was bisexual, lesbian, heterosexual, or unlabelled. The women shared appropriate details about their love life.

Lisa’s survey was shocking. It proved that each woman interviewed, changed her label over time in a certain trend. The older the women, the more they likely to select the unlabelled choice. This means that as the women become older, their sexuality could not be fitted into small boxes. She states that the idea of sexuality becomes more defined and clearer over time.


As the woman matures, she will figure out what she needs, and that is really the opposite of the norm. This fact has been nailed home by another Mary Porta, a retail expert, a once BBC presenter. After her marriage separation she focused on her new job and partnership, she said that she could not tell whether she was straight or a lesbian especially that she is in love with Melanie Rickey, her business partner.

Take Action

Today, there are several sites that bi curious singles visit. These are websites with chat rooms, bi curious forums, bi-curious personals, videos, blogs, and instant messaging and much more. There is no reason to be shy about what you feel, take action today and meet fellow women with the same attraction feelings. On these sites, you can find sexy and open-minded singles to experiment your sexuality. Are you ready to start a bisexual dating online?

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